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Active Professional Athlete

T.Y. McGill

A Pro who is nurturing potential

Inspired by his father’s example, T.Y. McGill, Jr. is distinguishing himself as a source of hope and opportunity for youth, supplying key resources through his foundation elevating them to reach their full potential. A husband and father of two young girls, T.Y. prioritizes ongoing learning for himself, his family, and the community’s youth. With a focus on expanding his expertise in real estate development and giving back to others, he relies on exposure and networking to cultivate new opportunities. Looking ahead, T.Y. aims to establish a gym where he can blend his passion for fitness training with philanthropy.
T.Y. McGill

creating pathways to success

T.Y. believes that providing educational pathways is key to uplifting youth, investing in our future, and building his own financial foundation.


in real estate. With few homes and high demand in the Atlanta market, he and his wife, a real estate agent, believe that development is a strategic move.


knowledge. Adamant about learning, especially in the real estate game, and steering things in the right direction, he remains focused on continuous improvement and growth.


his foundation. T.Y’s foundation is gaining momentum and is top priority as he strives to impact lives and provide essential resources to as many as possible.

Off the Field

Slowing Down

The driving force that keeps him going, T.Y. ‘s world revolves around his wife, Sara, and daughters Gia and Remi. Coming off of long seasons, he enjoys taking time to relax at home and loves to play a round of golf or two. His PAC event turned into a cherished mini-vacation, traveling from West Palm Beach to PAC and then on to Sarasota, FL. During the trip he was able to spend valuable time with his family and extended family. Moving forward, T.Y. is excited to watch his daughters grow and participate in sports and activities while working to improve his golf game.

T.Y. McGill with his family
T.Y. McGill working with his foundation

T.y. McGill Jr. Foundation

Rooted in empowering, motivating, mentoring, and educating youth, The T.Y. McGill, Jr. Foundation is changing the lives of youth in various communities elevating access and opportunity to key resources. In two short years, the foundation has implemented support and resources from college tours to museum visits, scholarships, football camps, and is working towards transforming a vacant school into a safe haven, uplifting the communities and all involved. By exposing youth to diverse experiences and offering mentorships, T.Y. and his team are building confidence and leadership skills in our future, preparing them to make a meaningful impact on the world.

As an elite professional athlete

T.y. Accomplished

Tryout free agent in 2015

9+ years in the nfl

55 nfl game appearances

43 tackles, 5.5 sacks, three passes defensed and one forced fumble

Ready to Get started?

My biggest take away from PAC was ‘Exposure breeds expansion.’ Moving from a small town to bigger areas opens up new opportunities, especially through PAC's real estate, networking, and business insights. Can't wait for the next one!

T.Y. McGill


Passionate. Impactful. Personable