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Active Professional Athlete

Patrick Laird

Serving his Community

While he wouldn’t call himself a philanthropist, Patrick Laird is committed to service and having a positive impact on his community. He is an active member of several charity-based and community engagement initiatives focused on maximizing impact. Patrick is entering his 6th NFL season with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and is continuing his history of engagement, giving, and drive.
Patrick Laird

The Quest for knowledge & impact

A passion for education, community engagement, and lifting those facing limited opportunities


in entrepreneurship. While he’s not opposed to working for a great company, he is particularly interested in becoming an owner-operator investor. He is considering pursuing entrepreneurship through acquisition after the NFL to suit his personality and allow him to have a positive impact on the community.


curiosity. Patrick is searching for more endeavors beyond football to match his competitive edge. He fills his off-season with expanding his network and knowledge of various industries. 


education for all. After taking an Inequality in Education class, Patrick sees the potential for education to be the great equalizer. If everyone had access to a great education, they would have the opportunity to accomplish whatever they set their mind to.

Off the Field


Patrick married his long-time girlfriend Bryce in April, 2024. They married at the San Diego Botanic Garden in their new home city of Encinitas, CA before honeymooning their way through France and Italy. Bryce is an attorney who works in the corporate group at Morrison Foerster. Patrick and Bryce both love to explore (usually with their dog Teddy at their side) and are excited for this next chapter.

Patrick and Bryce walking their dog, Teddy
Patrick in a crowd of children, all holding their hands out as though they're holding books

Cal football Summer Reading Challenge

Patrick has always enjoyed reading and encourages others to focus on education and develop a curiosity for learning. While at the University of California, Berkeley, Patrick became the starting running back and started to celebrate touchdowns by pretending to read a book. What started as a joke with teammates caught on with fans, and Patrick decided to expand on the idea by starting the Cal Football Summer Reading Challenge. The goal was to encourage kids to read while on summer break in order to combat summer learning loss. Students who complete the challenge receive free tickets to a Cal football game. The program continues at Cal to this day.


During weeks 13 and 14 of the NFL season, players participate in My Cause My Cleats, an initiative where players have the opportunity to pick a cause that is important to them and represent their chosen organization on custom-designed cleats. Patrick supports DonorsChoose as a way to promote his goal of a quality education for all. Patrick appreciates their transparency in regard to where your dollar is spent. With DonorsChoose, teachers document exactly what their classroom needs and donors give directly to those projects. One of Patrick’s favorite memories with the NFL is when he and fellow Miami Dolphins Social Impact Committee member, Jason McCourty, visited a classroom in Miami Gardens that Patrick had donated to. The two players spent time with the kids and spoke to them about the importance of their education.

Patrick speaking at a DonorsChoose event
Patrick lecturing a classroom of youth

High Impact Athletes

Founded by pro tennis player, Marcus Daniell, High Impact Athletes is aimed at encouraging pro athletes to put their earnings toward causes that will have a positive impact on the most amount of people. Patrick has a passion for supporting local community organizations but he is also committed to making sure that his donation is going as far as it can. As a result, Patrick has committed 1% of his earnings to the best charities in the world. Through High Impact Athletes, Patrick has donated to the Helen Keller Foundation and Evidence Action. Patrick appreciates that High Impact Athletes aligns with his values and helps athletes to be rational in their giving so that their donations stretch the furthest they can. 

Real Estate

Patrick is an active member of Pro Athlete Community and has attended 4 business combines (so far). Before his first combine, Patrick was introduced to the idea of real estate investing and, after PAC, he gained the confidence to start making his own investments. Rather than hiring a management company, Patrick decided to take on the challenge of managing his own properties. He found that he truly enjoys being active in his investments and now manages multiple properties. As his life gets busier and he continues his career in the NFL, he may hire a property management company but now feels better prepared to hire knowing what the job entails and what good management looks like.

Patrick on stage
As an elite professional athlete

Patrick accomplished

Member of the Miami dolphins social impact committee

Recipient of the Nat Moore Community Service Award

Scored an octopus in his first NFL touchdown

Ready to Get started?

PAC gave me confidence to go out and execute a deal on my own and provided me with a community where I’ve explored my various interests in the business world. I’ve met people and learned about industries I would’ve never been exposed to. nothing compares to the group of people and their knowledge that I’ve met through PAC. 

Patrick Laird

6+ Years in The NFL

Dedicated Husband. Athlete. Investor. Community Member.