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Active Professional Athlete

Mack Hollins

A Pro Athlete that Embraces Education

Welcome to the extraordinary world of Mack Hollins, where passion, dedication, and talent extend far beyond the football field. Mack Hollins uses his strong work ethic, natural leadership abilities, and hunger for knowledge to drive his impressive career in the NFL as well as support of his efforts as an emerging entrepreneur, real estate investor, and social advocate.

Consistency is Key for Professional Athletes

Both on and off the field, Mack is always working toward a winning future


in individuality. Challenges himself to be more than just a professional athlete by constantly asking himself: “why not?”


inclusivity. Seeks to create personal connections wherever he goes; from participating in PAC’s Pro Athlete Business Combines and creating inspiring social media content to volunteering with the Special Olympics.


impact. Combines a passion for literacy with his platform as a professional athlete to drive accessibility to education in underserved populations.

Off the Field


After 3 years of thoughtful planning, research, and education, Hollins’ confidently stepped into the world of real estate. His first investment was in a modest Florida Apartment building that he hopes to convert into two units, both eligible for Section 8 housing vouchers. He continues to develop his real estate knowledge as much as his portfolio of properties.


One of Mack’s greatest passions lies in his work with the Special Olympics.  As an advocate for inclusion, Mack began his involvement with the Special Olympics back in his days as a student at the University of North Carolina. He was honored with the title of “Global Ambassador” for the Special Olympics in 2020 and has continued to donate his time off the field to advocating and serving the mission of the Special Olympics.


Mack believes reading – from playbooks to children’s books – is fundamental to success. He felt so strongly that in 2020 he started his own online content series “Mack Book Mondays” and “Fast Fact Fridays” to help drive accessibility to education, especially in underserved populations. Being able to express his love for literacy through the creativity of social media is just one of the opportunities that inspires him beyond the game.

As an elite professional athlete

On the field

7+ years in the National Football League

Active Widereceiver for the Atlanta Falcons

2018 Super Bowl Champion with the Philadelphia Eagles

Team Captain for Philadelphia Eagles & Las Vegas Raiders

Ready to Get started?

Why can’t I go do real estate? Why can’t I go start a business? Why can’t I go help the community? All at the same high level that I’m doing football... I’m learning so much and PAC has been so great in just individualizing it.

Mack Hollins


Entrepreneur. Investor. Inclusion Ambassador.