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Former Professional Athlete

Kenny Stills

Exploration With Intention

Kenny came into the Next Chapter U Business Combine with the goal of adding new tools to his toolbox in regards to real estate and business. Now, he is focused on traveling the world and exploring his areas of interest with a new confidence in his own knowledge and expertise. Kenny also spends his time working through the best ways to uplift those around him. He believes that when you approach have an open mind, hunger for knowledge, and a heart to serve, you live the best life that you possibly can.
Kenny Stills

Bringing out the best in others

Together, we can unlock greater potential within each other to make the world a better place.


in low income housing. When we as people are proud of where we come from and the places that we live in, we go into the world with more confidence, pride, and higher expectations for our lives.


employee owned businesses. People that own their businesses have more pride and passion for life. Motivating each other to be and create the best business possible.


others. Kenny has experienced for himself the impact that others uplifting you can have. Kenny believes that you can raise everyone around you to operate at the highest level.

Off the Field

NFL Legends Community

Most recently, Kenny has taken a job with the NFL Legends Community. The NFL Legends Community celebrates, educates, embraces and connects all Legends with each other, their former teams and the league. They serve to educate players  on the resources that are available to them and provide support to players in all situations. Kenny highly values being able to lead by example and he loves having this opportunity to show other players that it is possible to have a smooth transition and lead a good life after the NFL.

Kenny at a conference
Kenny speaking

Investment Fund

While Kenny initially entered PAC as a way to support his former Director of Player Engagement and PAC co-founder, Kaleb Thornhill, he came out of the event with a newfound confidence, level of expertise, and resources that he didn’t expect. Since his initial Next Chapter U event, Kenny has invested in a fund with other Pro Athlete Community players from his cohort. They are working to own Triple Net Lease properties and utilizing the PAC network to expand their opportunities.

The Kenny Stills Foundation

The Kenny Stills Foundation, along with its branch, the Still Growing Summit, focuses on empowering black and brown children, particularly in the realm of mental wellness. Kenny has passionately engaged with youth, openly sharing his personal experiences to normalize discussions around mental health and emphasize its significance. Through his own journey of self-discovery and mental wellness, Kenny has curated resources and invited speakers to equip young individuals with tools to navigate their own paths towards well-being.

Prioritizing the long-term journey of mental wellness, Kenny has organized camps and events, that he individually spearheaded. Looking forward, Kenny envisions expanding the reach of his foundation to facilitate more camps and initiatives, aiming to touch the lives of even more youth in need. Kenny advocates for mental wellness as an essential aspect of every individual’s journey and considers his work with the Still Growing Summit as his greatest accomplishment.

In order to continue his work in this space, he is currently looking for a Director for his foundation to help him champion these events and put on more workshops each year.

Kenny at the Still Growing Summit
Kenny with the Still Growing Summit crew
Kenny at a pro-ceasefire rally

Athletes for Ceasefire

Committed to advocacy and causes that are close to his heart, Kenny is one organizer of the Athletes for Ceasefire project. Rather than focusing on politics, they are working towards educating others and prioritizing human rights. The project believes that athletes can play a role in amplifying the cause and currently have several hundred signatures on their website and are actively working towards more.

Travel & the Outdoors

Kenny holds a deep passion for travel and the outdoors. His recent adventures include exploring Japan and Colombia, where he indulged in snowboarding and explored new cultures. Kenny has even built out a sprinter van for a multi-week road trips. Kenny strives to share his love for nature with others. Currently, he is advocating for a program with the NFL, aimed at introducing transitioning players to the transformative power of outdoor activities like rock climbing, hiking, and snowboarding. He firmly believes that immersing oneself in the mountains and confronting the challenges of nature can offer invaluable perspective, regardless of one’s material circumstances.

Kenny has also managed to intertwine his love for international travel with his love of football. He recently journeyed to South Africa and London to work with international football teams for the NFL, uniting his passions for football, advocacy, nature, and travel under a single, impactful umbrella aimed at supporting others.

Kenny in a large group at a snowboarding event
As an elite professional athlete

Kenny accomplished

The Miami Miracle

Still Growing Summit

Financial Freedom

Miami Dolphins team captain

His dream of playing in the NFL

Ready to Get started?

I am eternally grateful for PAC. PAC filled my cup in a way that i didn’t know that I needed being able to show up as my authentic self and have an opportunity to grow and do everything that i want to do in life. pac is the team that we are looking for after the league.

Kenny Stills

9 years in the NFL

Servant Leader. Philanthropist. Authentic.