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Former Professional Athlete

Jamaal Charles

Starting from Within

After leaving his mark in the NFL, Jamaal Charles is ready to make his mark on the business world. Committed to self discovery, building financial security for his family, and making memories, he has found the support and determination to elevate his family and ideas.  Fresh from his induction to the Texas Sports Hall of Fame, Jamaal leverages his experiences and resilience to mentor Austin’s youth, sharing invaluable lessons he gained from overcoming his own adversities. Realizing that the journey begins within, Jamaal is excited to be headed in the right direction.
Jamaal Charles

Laser Focused on the Next Move

With a circle of trusted mentors, Jamaal has found focus and confidence stepping into his next chapter in life.


in himself! Attending PAC, diving into entrepreneurship, and surrounding himself with supportive individuals fuels Jamaal’s confidence in his ideas, propelling him towards his goals.


community. Through active engagement in a range of youth programs, he is not only inspiring and motivating the youth of his community, but also instilling a sense of empowerment and possibility.


family. Committed to his family’s happiness, he pushes forward, refusing to give up on himself or those he loves, striving to create the best possible life for them all.

Off the Field

Focused on Family

Jamaal is taking this next chapter of life to establish a solid financial foundation and creating lasting memories with his family. Recently, Jamaal and his wife, Whitney, headed to Paris with their three children, Makaila (13), Mackenzie (12), and Isaiah (7). From exploring The Palace of Versailles to experiencing the magic of Disneyland Paris, and The Louvre; every moment was a memory in the making. Jamaal beams with pride when discussing his three children’s academic and athletic accomplishments, and is looking forward to experiencing more unforgettable adventures with his wife and children.

Jamaal with his family
Jamaal focusing

Stay Tuned

Keep your eyes peeled for Jamaal’s next big move as he heats up to launch a scorching new product. In his entrepreneurial debut, Jamaal releases his creative energy and is excited to showcase his innovative idea.  Stay tuned as Jamaal blazes a trail through the market, leaving an unforgettable mark with his red-hot offering, enhancing performance and revolutionizing the industry.

A Champion for Youth

Jamaal is committed to the support and development of youth within the Austin community. As a coach for the Austin Striders Track Club, he provides opportunities for young athletes to excel in track and field, instilling discipline and purpose. Additionally, his involvement with the Austin Boys and Girls Club enables hundreds of children to develop essential life skills and access resources for a brighter future. Having a personal connection to the Special Olympics, Jamaal’s commitment extends further as a Special Olympics Ambassador, advocating for inclusivity and embracing who you are. Through new initiatives like an upcoming youth football camp, he continues to positively impact the lives of young people, nurturing potential and fostering leadership.

Jamaal speaking to children
As an elite professional athlete

Jamaal accomplished

4-Time Pro Bowler

259 rushing yards in a single game

Most yards per carry for a RB 5.4

Ready to Get started?

After years of not trusting the business world, PAC placed me in a position to be surrounded by good people. The experience opened my eyes to the business world, giving me a chance and pushing me to make my goals a reality. I realized that I can’t give up on my product or my life.

Jamaal Charles

11 years in the NFL

Family Man. Youth Advocate. Resilient.