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Active Professional Athlete

Jake Browning

Thriving Beyond the Touchdown

Jake Browning embarks on a journey of diverse ventures and community enrichment, entering a new chapter during off-seasons with the NFL. From electrifying quarterback to aspiring entrepreneur, he’s committed to making a lasting impact on and off the field.

Vision of An Athlete Entrepreneur

Jake Browning embodies growth beyond sports through strategic investments, innovation, and community engagement.


in acquisition. Jake currently allocates resources to low-income housing ventures in Ohio through purchasing and self-managing multiple properties.


educational technology. To serve middle and high school students, Jake plans to scale a platform focused on niche skill enhancement within sports.


impact off the field. Jake aims to cultivate relationships and develop multiple projects during the off-season.

Off the Field

Family & Life

While pursuing his football and life ambitions, Jake Browning remains grounded in his familial ties back home. He also enjoys life with his long-term girlfriend, together since 2019, living in LA in the off season. Jake’s life goes far beyond the gridiron. From his personal relationships to real estate investments to startup activity, the QB is living life to the fullest.

Jake with his family outside
Jake in a suit

Real Estate

Browning actively engages in real estate ventures, focusing on low-income housing projects in Ohio. He acquires and manages properties, aiming to provision affordable housing solutions while ensuring solid returns. Jake seeks to revitalize communities by leveraging his network and resources, contributing to long-term sustainability. The monthly return is solid, and Jake likes that it’s a cash-flow play, without having to be tied down by loans.


Jake leads the creation of scalable educational tech solutions tailored for honing sports skills to perfection. “There’s a lot of kids that want to work hard, but they need to make sure they spend their time and their parents’ money on things that will give the best return for themselves,” says the pro quarterback. As he seeks to create platforms with resources and training opportunities, Jake aspires to empower young middle school and high school athletes.

Jake speaking on stage
Jake speaking to young athletes


Jake Browning’s commitment to community service spans from volunteering at the Boys and Girls Club in Cincinnati to organizing quarterback camps for top prospects and inclusive events for kids in California. He aims to further cultivate positive relationships and generate opportunities for youth development and athletic growth.

As an elite professional athlete

Jake accomplished

2023 NFL Pass % Leader

All-Time 1st Start % Leader

Two 4th Quarter TDs in OT Win

Ready to Get started?

PAC is an accelerator for putting me in front of people who can help my ideas happen in anything I want to pursue with my best interests in mind. It makes everything go a lot quicker, making me feel like my goals are attainable.

Jake Browning

2 years in the NFL (active)

Real Estate Operator. Volunteer. Aspiring Entrepreneur.