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Former Professional Athlete

Jabaal Sheard

Climbing to New Heights

Walking into PAC, Jabaal Sheard wasn’t sure of his next move. Borderline retired and navigating the future’s uncertainties weighed heavily on his mind. Since PAC, Jabaal has purchased his long term home and is devoting his newfound time to focus on family and his next moves. Embracing this “freetime” with his 14 year old son and cherishing the birth of his newest son, Jabaal is looking forward to the challenges of infancy and watching his older son evolve towards manhood. Amid these changes, Jabaal is eager to climb to new heights in expanding his real estate portfolio while remaining committed to making a difference in youth through his foundation and coaching at his old high school.
Jabaal Sheard

Passion Knows No Wrong Path

Committed to motivating and incentivizing inner-city youth, Jabaal brings career mentors together to help youth develop their passions beyond sports.


in real estate. Taking charge of his real estate journey, managing properties and venturing beyond Airbnb and short term rentals, he’s looking to expand into multi-unit and international investments.


volunteer work. Driven by his own lack of mentorship, he volunteers to coach at his old high school, guiding athletes and instilling the discipline and motivation of football, regardless of their ambition.


his son. Preparing his son for college, guiding him into manhood, and being his support through every step of the journey is his top priority.

Off the Field

Jabaal Sheard Foundation

Through his foundation, Jabaal serves single-parent households and at-risk youth in diverse communities. Hosting youth camps, his goal is to motivate, involve, and engage kids in positive activities, keeping them away from the potential troubles that can arise during summer breaks.  The foundation’s efforts also showcase career opportunities from fashion to law enforcement, inspiring youth to explore their passions beyond sports. Since its 2017 inception, the foundation has been instrumental in building resilience, fostering motivation, and providing incentives to empower historically underserved youth towards brighter futures.

Jabaal in a crowd of attendees of a youth camp
Jabaal at the peak of Mr. Kilimanjaro

Conquering Kili

Always wanting to be a part of The Chris Long Foundation, Jabaal joined the Waterboys’ 2023 Conquering Kili class, climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro to raise funds and shed light on the rampant water insecurities within East African communities. The journey pushed him in ways he never expected, overcoming his fear of heights, sleeping in a tent for the first time, and adjusting to the altitude were extremely difficult. Despite the challenges, he enjoyed spending time with students in the area, planting a tree for each climber, and going on a Tanzanian safari. The experience brought out the competitiveness within and helped provide life-sustaining drinking water to communities in need.

As an elite professional athlete

Jabaal accomplished

Super Bowl 51 Champ

2x Walter Payton Man of the year nominee

11 year NFL Vet

Ready to Get started?

PAC was a blessing following the NFL, motivating me for the next chapter. Just like football, it's going to take reps to be the best I can be moving forward. PAC helped me realize there is more to come.

Jabaal Sheard

11 years in the NFL

Father. Philanthropist. Passionate.